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About Us

Smith County Yard Sales is brought to you by locals that want to bring a local feel to the community through online yard sales. Smith County Yard Sales was built for Smith County garage sales fanatics, as well as those who love rummage sales, flea markets, moving sales, estate sales, auctions, and all-around good deals.

We are based in Tyler, TX and wanted to give back to the community. Tyler, TX is the home to many people just like you and me that want to sell and buy things. Smith County Yard Sales is free to use for anyone but is targeted towards the people in Smith County and surrounding counties.

Look around your house and you will be surprised at what you don't want and what someone else will buy. Keeping things local means keeping the money local. Since you are buying local, you wont have to wait on something you buy online. If you are having a garage sale, post it on our site to advertise it to the locals. So go ahead and sell that old car in the driveway or that old table that's collecting dust. Someone out there is willing to buy everything you have!

Smith County Yard Sales is not affiliated with Smith County in any way, it's just a nifty name to let you know it's for you, the people in Smith County.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to advertise your local company please feel free to Contact Us.


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